Perth Access Control Systems

Are you looking for a reliable and robust commercial access control system to secure sensitive areas of your organisation? Securus systems are designed to provide you with complete control and security over the access to your premises.

With Securus, you can choose from a range of solutions that can be customised to suit your individual security needs.

Whether you need access control for single personnel doors or large-scale premises with complex requirements such as car park gates, turnstiles and lift control, we can help.

Why choose Securus for Access Control?

  • Our systems are compatible with the latest in proximity card technology for secure access.
  • Our commercial access control systems are designed to provide you with complete control and flexibility over the access to your premises.
  • You can easily customise and scale the system to suit your individual needs.
  • Our systems come with a self-management feature that allows you to keep a full audit trail of events for added peace of mind.

One of the greatest advantages of Securus is our seamless integration with your alarm system. Should any unauthorised access be attempted, your alarm system will immediately alert you, allowing for quick intervention.

At Securus, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with reliable and effective security solutions. When it comes to securing sensitive areas of your business, don’t take any chances.

Trust Securus to provide you with the best commercial access control systems on the market.

Call Securus on (08) 9422 1111 to discuss your Access Control requirements today.