Should your alarm activate Securus, utilizing our own monitoring center ARM Security, are able to remotely connect to your CCTV system and view all cameras onsite.

Through ARM’s monitoring platform Bold Manitou your alarm zones can be matched to the most appropriate camera that covers that zone.

For example; Zone 1 Front door feed on your alarm system would be paired to camera 1 covering the front door and entrance.

This provides the ARM operator with a live visual view from the site directly associated with the specific alarm event.

Based on the agreed instructions from the site owner and with real time visual information on what is occurring onsite, our operator will escalate the event to the appropriate key holders, police or security guards.

All video viewed is recorded and stored for future reference. The video can also be forwarded onto an approved party for immediate review.

Visual verification allows the ARM operator the ability to action events immediately with live information allowing the response to be escalated as required.

No time is lost in waiting for a responder to attend site and confirm the appropriate action.