SECURUS Commercial Monitoring – Protect your business 24 hours a day with a Securus Monitored Alarm System

SECURUS provides commercial monitoring services to suit the requirements of all Western Australian businesses.

SECURUS commercial security offers:

  • Security monitoring services from our Grade A1 Control Room in Perth Western Australia.
  • A customised alarm response tailored to suit the needs of your business.
  • Basic digital dialler monitoring.
  • Advanced multipath monitoring technologies for complete telephone line redundancy.
  • Self managed live activity reports through our online portal via web browser or mobile application.

Multipath Monitoring

It is important to remember that with standard security alarm monitoring, the alarm system uses your telephone line to communicate with the control room.

If the telephone system/line is not working correctly then your alarm signals may not be transmitted.

Ask SECURUS about multipath monitoring services that allow the signals to be transmitted even if the telephone lines are down or cut.

Contact SECURUS now on (08) 9422 1111 to discuss your commercial security monitoring requirements.