Home alarm systemKeep your family and valuables safe with a SECURUS home alarm system

No matter what your size or budget, SECURUS can custom design a solution to suit your family’s needs.

Our home Alarm Systems are fully configurable and can use PIR Systems (motion detectors) or Perimeter Systems or a combination of both.

PIR Systems (Passive Infrared Systems)

Our PIR Systems can be custom configured for your home, with zones set up in areas of the house like bedrooms, hallways, kitchens etc.

We can also supply pet detectors – passive infrared motion detectors that can distinguish between a pet and a person, allowing you to secure your house  with your pet inside.

Perimeter Systems

Many clients prefer to arm their systems at night when they are home, arming only the doors and windows but leaving the internal PIR’s switched off so that family members can walk about the house without setting off the alarm.

The SECURUS system can be designed so that your system can be partially armed (eg: perimiter only) or fully armed to suit your needs at any given time

With the addition of a radio key fob (remote) to switch your alarm on and off you can also activate the perimeter system from the fob (remote).