24/7 Perth Security Home Monitoring

Why choose to have your home covered by a SECURUS monitored security alarm system?

With a SECURUS monitored security system in your house you have security, convenience and peace of mind of knowing that if your alarm system is activated 24/7 it will be responded to by licensed Control Room operators trained to take appropriate action.

As well as alarm activations, your monitored security system will also advise the Control Room if one of the following occurs;

  • A smoke alarm connected to your security system is triggered
  • There is a mains power failure or your mains power is turned off
  • The back up battery in your alarm is low
  • The alarm system is being tampered with
  • The alarm system fails a self diagnostic check

A SECURUS monitored security system keeps your family and friends safe by offering the option to have a security patrol officer attend to check the premises following an alarm activation.

Want security home monitoring but have ADSL, Naked DSL, NBN or no phone line?

SECURUS can provide a robust monitoring solution to work in harmony with your home telephone and internet service for all monitored security systems.

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