Sleep easy at night with a Perimeter Alarm System.

With the significant increase in home invasions and break-ins occurring while residents are at home.

Many of Securus customers are electing to install a perimeter alarm system to provide 24 hour protection and peace of mind.

Perimeter alarm systems are specifically designed to allow your home to be protected while you move freely around inside.

This is achieved by installing reeds (magnetic contacts) on your doors and windows which generate an alarm if they are opened.

Additional protection can be provided by the installation of vibration sensors, which alarm when a door or window is tampered with by someone trying to force entry to the home.

Depending on the lay out and how the home is utilised PIR’s (movement sensors) can be installed in areas which are not used at certain times or at night while people are sleeping.

A code pad to activate the alarm can be installed in the master bedroom or a common area to allow all members of the house to operate the alarm.

(Mobile Phone APP’s are also available to operate the alarm remotely anywhere in the house or away from home).

Smoke Detectors are a critical device for your family’s safety and can be installed with your new or existing alarm system.

When professionally monitored they provide 24/7 protection for your home, enabling the monitoring centre to contact you directly should a smoke detector activate.

Securus have been installing perimeter alarm systems in Perth for over 30 years and our friendly team are happy to provide a non-obligation appraisal and advice on how best to protect your home and family.

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