What is the NBN?

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is an Australia wide project to upgrade the existing fixed line telephone and internet infrastructure with a view to providing much faster internet access to the majority of Australian homes and businesses.

Why is the NBN a risk for my security?

The NBN uses a digital signal to connect your home’s internet and telephone services, replacing the existing analogue connection.

Depending on the service rolled out to your street, the NBN may use a newly installed fibre optic cable, or the existing copper cabling in your street.

All telephony services that previously used your standard telephone line to communicate, will be required to communicate via the NBN using VoIP (Voice over IP) technology.

Most alarm systems are designed to communicate using the old copper analogue telephone system (PSTN) and not over VoIP based systems.

This can lead to your alarm system being unable to communicate with the monitoring centre in the event of an alarm activation.

Also, due to the nature of the NBN equipment, your system may not communicate at all in the event of a mains power failure.

How long do I have to fix this?

When the NBN is made available at your area, you will have 18 months to select a network provider for your home services including telephone and internet.

After 18 months the existing analogue copper network will be switched off.

What can SECURUS Do?

SECURUS can install a dedicated 4G wireless communicator on most existing alarm systems.

With our 4G wireless communicators, you receive a fixed monthly monitoring fee with no charges for phone calls made by your alarm system.

To find out more about how SECURUS can make your alarm system ready for the NBN, call us now on 9422 1111 or complete an online service request.