Visual guard tours through compatible CCTV equipment

Securus, utilising our own monitoring center ARM Security through remote connectivity to your CCTV system on site, can provide visual guard tours.

  • Remote connectivity
    Remote connectivity to site providing a virtual guard tour systematically through cameras.
  • Record & storage
    Record & store footage into customer history for retrieval.
  • Escalation protocol
    Escalate as per customer instruction any movements or presence of people/intruders on site.

ARM’s monitoring platform Bold Manitou allows our operators to systematically view each of your cameras to ensure your site has no security breaches.

The visual tour undertaken by the ARM operator is recorded and stored for retrieval if required at a later stage.

Should on site activity be detected, the ARM operator will respond based on the customer’s specific site instructions.

ARM are able to relay live site information to attending police or security guards, increasing the opportunity of a successful resolution.

Visual guard tours provide a cost effective solution to proactively protect your premises at a fraction of the cost of physical random patrols.