ARM recently undertook their monitoring centre reclassification. This requires an ASIAL approved independent auditor to confirm compliance with the Australian Standard 2201.2:2004 (Intruder Alarm Systems – Monitoring Centres).

The audit covers a range of building requirements and confirms operational performance of the monitoring centre is in accordance with Australian Standards, covering such things as:

  • The construction of the centre, together with its physical and fire protection.
  • Access into the centre and its ‘modus operandi’.
  • Ventilation systems (their integrity and operation).
  • Power supply arrangements (multiple redundancy and standby times).
  • Communications (telephones, duress and radio).
  • Redundancy for the monitoring equipment.
  • Response times for alarms and compliance with operational protocols.
  • Data retention and record-keeping.

Congratulations to Grace, Merton and the ARM operational team for retaining the highest grade available A1.