Does your security monitoring provider meet the compliance requirements you currently operate under?

Standards Australia have released a new standard for monitoring centres AS 2201.2:2022 replacing the previous standard issued back in 2004. The new standard now includes prerequisites for cyber security, risk management, stricter requirements for security technology and increased redundancy measures.

With significant changes in electronic security and the escalation of cyberattacks, AS 2201.2:2022 provides a wide range of new measures and protocols, to ensure data and network integrity are maintained.

To complete all requirements to meet the new standard took several months and a substantial capital investment by ARM Security.

Appreciating the critical nature of the work performed by monitoring centres and the volume of confidential client information held, the implementation of the new standard was seen by the company as an absolute necessity.

ARM Security are only one of three ASIAL graded monitoring centres to be certified to the new AS 2201.2:2022 standard A1 grading in Australia.

Located in West Perth, providing local services for over 38 years, we are the only West Australian based ASIAL graded monitoring centre.

Our state-of-the-art monitoring centre provides the following services:

  • Monitoring services for security alarms over 4G and IP
  • Integrated 4G solosafe watch, pendants, mobile Stay Safe APP for lone worker and independent living solutions
  • Supervisory Access Control Monitoring
  • Medical Alarm Monitoring
  • CCTV, remote video monitoring services for alarm activations, provide instantaneous vision of onsite activity
  • Virtual random patrols direct connecting to onsite CCTV systems