Yes, SECURUS can design a system so that you can partially arm your system at night. Usually this is a perimeter system, where the doors and windows only are armed, and the internal PIR’s are switched off so that family members can walk around without setting off the alarm.

Australian standards state that “routine visits to ensure the maintenance of the alarm system installed in the client’s premises shall be made by an authorised representative of an alarm company at a minimum rates of once per year with no more than 13 months between visits.”

  • This is a brief guide to performing standard functions on the following DSC Alarm Panels;
    • 834
    • 1565
    • 585
    • 5010
    • 5015
    • 864

    Additional information on DSC equipment can be found on the DSC web site www.dscsec.com.au

    Click here to view Quick Reference Guide for DSC Alarm Systems

This is a full users manual for ADEMCO VISTA 12 Alarm Systems

Click here to view User Manual for Ademco Vista 12 Alarm Systems

A PIR is an abbreviation for a Passive Infra Red detector. Most alarm systems will have several passive infra-red detectors (PIR’s).

A basic PIR will detect changes in heat in a room such as occurs when a person walks through the area.

More sophisticated PIR’s can discriminate between pets and humans and some dual technology units use heat detection as well as microware movement detectors to safeguard against unwanted alarms in extreme conditions. SECURUS will match your PIR’s to your pocket and operating requirements.

Since 1980, SECURUS have been providing security services to the Perth metropolian area. As police licensed professionals, you can rely on SECURUS.

If your phone system is cabled correctly, the operation of your alarm should not be affected by Internet Broadband (ADSL) or digital interactive pay-TV.

However, appropriate line filters may be necessary and if you have problems in this area please give us a call as not all telephone technicians are expert in this area.

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