Securus has two solutions if your business and commercial property require surveillance, which are cost effective and can in many instances provide better coverage than physical security guards.

Our Visual Guard Tours and Visual Verification solutions utilise your site’s CCTV to be remotely live viewed by Securus to confirm instantly what activity is happening on‐site.

The live activity on‐ site can be relayed directly to the owner and importantly to the WA Police to assist them determining the appropriate response required.

The information provided by the monitoring centre is used to assist the WA Police in prioritising their response to events escalated to them.

Visual Guard Tours can be randomly undertaken by the operators or at times designated by the client, providing a highly cost‐effective alternative to a physical guard attendance with all footage viewed by the operator during each visual guard tour stored and available for the customer to review.

Visual Verification is undertaken when an alarm activation occurs onsite, with the operator remotely connecting to the sites CCTV to establish what generated the alarm event and how to appropriately action.

Should you have any questions regarding Visual Guard Tours and Visual Verification please contact one of the knowledgeable team at Securus to discuss Phone 9422 1111.