Security Alarms are proven to deter crime and provide protection for your business and family. However, having your security alarm monitored by a professional Monitoring Centre provides other significant benefits.

Audible alarms can be ignored but a monitored alarm triggers a guaranteed response.

Monitoring Centres:

  • Provide a 24/7/365 days a year response should your smoke detector activate, even when the system is unarmed.
  • If your mains power is maliciously turned off or tripped by a fault, the monitoring centre will receive an AC fail report and contact you to discuss.
  • Have the capability of ringing multiple key holders to ensure the alarm activation is managed directly a nominated keyholder.
  • Are authorised by the WA Police to make direct contact with them for multiple zone alarms and provide any additional information which may assist the police with their response.
  • Generate the opportunity for a discount on your insurance premiums by reducing the risk when professionally monitored.
  • Allow you to remotely arm and disarm your alarm system from your mobile phone.
  • Can inform you, if your alarm system generates a fault in its operation or the communication path fails.

Securus has provided high quality, locally based, ASIAL A1 Graded monitoring for over 35 years.

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